Nicolaus D. Wright 

My research and design work inhabits a para-disciplinary space between architecture, landscape, and urbanism. I have executed projects that intervene in existing systems to create hybrid places in which people, ecologies, and economies are able to interact as a productive whole greater than their constituent components.

In my recent studio work at the University of Oregon Department of Architecture I have undertaken projects that require this para-disciplinary approach as a means to develop solutions for multi-variate and systemic problems inherent in contemporary landscapes, urban and otherwise. A willingness and intention to address sites that are generally neglected and problematic has required a creative and tactical approach to leveraging opportunities stemming from the overlap and intersection of various actors impacting a project.

This approach is enabled by a dedication to rigorous research and analysis of systems that are beyond the confines of traditional disciplinary boundaries. Productive solutions can be found within the space between these boundaries, where the strengths of divergent systems operate simultaneously and in cohesion. A greater whole emerges from the intersecting relationships of constituent parts, engendering a resultant beneficial totality. 

By attending to these points of research as generators for architectural logic and operations, design can have a greater impact on the sustainable use of our public resources and environments.